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Countdown to The Golden Globes

The Hollywood awards season kicks off early in 2015 with The 72nd Golden Globes Awards on NBC. What will Amy Poehler and Tina Fey say about North Korea and The Interview? It is sure to be hilarious. Print out the official Hollywood Foreign Press awards guide PDF and make sure to see all that interest you on the list before the Golden Globes… Read more →


With the advent of autumn and the changing seasons brings a fresh new crop of films all vying for the same coveted shot at Oscar gold. Want to stay busy each weekend seeing the best of the best? Here’s the rundown of the current award contenders and their wide release dates for October and November: Week of October 7: The… Read more →

Flu Shot, Anyone?

Last weekend at the Venice Biennale, Soderbergh premiered his latest film Contagion (Trailer – Italian Version) so somehow it only seemed fitting to watch the trailer version that showcased the masterful work of Cinecitta’s “dubmasters”. In any language, a film where Gwyneth Paltrow dies in the first few minutes is one scary flick, e vero? Read more →