With the advent of autumn and the changing seasons brings a fresh new crop of films all vying for the same coveted shot at Oscar gold. Want to stay busy each weekend seeing the best of the best? Here’s the rundown of the current award contenders and their wide release dates for October and November:

  • Week of October 7: The Ides of March – It’s a Clooney/Gosling feast for all the girls… and it has a pretty good political plot too.
  • Week of October 21: Martha Marcy May Marlene – The youngest (and least known) Olsen sister, Elizabeth, breaks onto the big screen with a performance that has folks raving. Likely we will see a nomination come her way. John Hawkes rocks the creep factor as her cult-leader boyfriend. Check both of them out in the Martha Marcy May Marlene HD trailer.
  • Week of November 7: My Week with Marilyn – Michelle Williams could read the telephone book and get nominated for another award. She stars as Marilyn Monroe in this retro 50s style film.
  • Week of November 11: J. Edgar – Leo covers up his beautiful face to get into the uglier, older, heavier character of Hoover. But at least it is for a worthy director: Eastwood. Not much word on the street yet, but that is how Clint does it – no advance PR budget, just word of mouth. And it always works for him.
  • Week of November 18: The Descendants – It’s another Clooney vehicle but with an Alexander Payne twist (Election, Sideways). He is the one who gets cheated on. Let’s hear it for fantasy films.
  • Week of November 25: A Dangerous Method – Viggo Mortensen as a delicious Freud with David Cronenberg at the helm. If it is anything like the amazing duo of films they have already created – A History of Violence and Eastern Promises – then this one will also be a must see.